Who am I?

Markku Arimo | 柯明凱 [AES臺灣會員] 工程師 | 錄音師 [Mi Casa 臺中, Whose Haus, Tulipa]


In the studio, as an engineer, Markku Arimo uses his knowledge of modern recording techniques to produce various genres of music and record good sounding audio. Furthermore, during his ‘Sound Technology’ program studies in Toronto at International Academy of Design & Technology, Markku started on his journey of utilizing the fundamentals of modern recording techniques to his benefit as an artist as well. As a solo artist Markku feels its important to be mindful of the ying and yang relationship that is a balancing act between honing technical skills and keeping those creative juices flowing. This is a contention omnipresent during workflow and being aware of it means you can put it to good use.

As a producer, Markku has recorded for Tulipa Recordings under his PiP SquEEk moniker. Previously, he has worked with a diverse combination of artists on collaborations…

In the club and festival circuit, Markku has been DJing for nearly two decades and has traveled from North America, to Europe, and most recently into Asia. To see the world through a record box is childhood dream come alive one continent, country, city, and time zone at a time. It is a real blessing when performing is a passion. Markku would tell anyone within calm yelling distance “the jetlag is totally worth it, every time!”

Back in the day, doors began to open when Markku received steady DJ bookings at one of the ten biggest music festivals in Europe annually held in Rauma or Pori Finland called Rauma Meren Juhannus aka RMJ. Performing DJ sets under his alter ego ‘Mark Sense’, Markku was a regular booking among a collective of local talent and international guests. We were a united nation of artists charged with keeping the Dance Factory stage dance floor movin’ and groovin’ rain or shine during summer solstace. Furthermore, these bookings were brilliant and much needed ‘teeth cutting’ exposure for a young artist with stars in his eyes and then suddenly being invited to play warm up sets for notable DJs and veteran performers who were key figures in cultivating Finland’s DJ culture and underground dance music scene during those pioneering times when DJ culture in Finland wasn’t even a thing.

Markku feels that if the music is the message, the artist is the voice, then the engineer is the glue guy necessary at the seams. During flow states, magic happens in the recording studio. When the triad of roles are in harmony then releasing good sounding records into the airwaves turns those demos, singles, LPs, and Eps into electronic music that “rearranges your molecular structure” as Carlos Santana famously said. Last but not least, on the ying side Markku is inspired by music. Whereas, on the yang side Markku is the skillful problem solver doing his level best to honor the Archimedean Oath to his level best on any given day. Where these two ends meet is a stoic persona ideally not to be mistook as one of little soul. It is just a passionate intensity Markku carries with him in his eyes. Yet, at the same he has that dimple smile that can light up an entire room (allegedly).