Who am I?

Markku Arimo is a self-respecting Canadian Finn and Sound Technology graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology (Toronto Film School Division). On May 18th, 2007, he founded the record label Whose Haus and has been operating it ever since in addition to his audio engineering responsibilities and other work. His contributions to electronic music are a labour of love.


In the studio, as an engineer, Markku Arimo records and mixes and uses his in-depth knowledge of modern recording techniques in order to help himself as well as his producer peers reach their ambitions. By sharing his passion for various genres of music and by paying forward the fundamentals of recording good audio that he believes were so critical to learn, Markku has grown by leaps and bounds as an artist over time as he continues the maturation process and gains more confidence in his sound.  Indeed, Markku is adamant about developing good sound fundamentals in the studio first before moving on to longer term goals such as achieving the track record and discography necessary to be recognized in the scene as someone who can craft a high quality, repeatable and sought after sonic signature that is paramount in maintaining longevity over the marathon race that is also known as a career in the music business.

As a producer, Markku has recorded for Tulipa Recordings under his PiP SquEEk moniker. Previously, he has worked with a diverse combination of artists on collaborations ranging from his childhood mates getting up to no good (on one end of the spectrum) to hip-hop artists in Las Vegas with a more strictly business and remote orientated work flow. In the end, the message is clear and Markku wants people to be aware that he believes music is what must ultimately bond artists together and good sounding records know no bounds.  Evidently, limitations are created only in the mind and Markku aims to always be both inspired by music and constantly asking the quality questions needed that will help us all learn about how we can maintain the democracy of music moving forward as a strong collective industry instead of a political bridge that divides the haves and the have nots.

‘technology giveth and technology taketh away’ – Randall Jones of Tigerhook Corp.

In the club and festival circuit, Markku has been DJing in front of live audiences for 16 years. In the formative years, doors began to open when Markku received steady DJ bookings at one of the ten biggest music festivals in Europe annually held in Rauma or Pori Finland called Rauma Meren Juhannus aka RMJ. Performing DJ sets under his alter ego ‘Mark Sense’ and being asked back year after year, Markku was a regular booking among a collective of local disc jockeys and fellow international artists responsible for keeping the Dance Factory stage dance floor movin’ and groovin’ rain or shine. Furthermore, these bookings were brilliant and much needed ‘teeth cutting’ exposure for this young artist in the making. This crucial experience created the opportunity to see what a traveling DJs lifestyle demands. Touring different cities in different countries offers the much need opportunity to explore different sounds and experiment with them in front of a live audience, which Markku understands is not something to be taken for granted.

Last year, Markku moved his recording studio from Finland to Taiwan and was soon after settling in booked by his industry peers in Taipei to perform what would be his first ever DJ set outside of North America and Europe.

As a radio DJ, Markku has had the pleasure of compiling guest mixes for Proton Radio shows Bedroom Bedlam, Space Opera, and most recently the one hour Whose Haus Label Showcase mix at the end of 2016 that helped celebrate eight years of releases as a record label.

In closing, 2017 looks to be a busy year already as we are proud to announce the following news stories to keep eyes and ears on: the ten year anniversary of Whose Haus (10 years since inception), the re-launch of the Markku Arimo Podcast Show, the grand opening of the Whose Haus Recording Studio V4.0 located in Taichung, Taiwan (because just a regular opening would be lame 😉 , and a monthly release schedule of Whose Haus releases with more great additions to our artist family, and some DJ bookings across Taiwan that are still TBA…