Who am I?

Markku Arimo : DJ | Producer | Engineer [Chimera Entertainment, Whose Haus, Tulipa, AES]

柯明凱 : 奇美拉音樂DJ | 錄音師 | 工程師 [奇美拉娛樂, Whose Haus, Tulipa, AES臺灣會員]


In the studio, as an engineer, Markku Arimo uses his knowledge of modern recording techniques to produce various genres of music and record good sounding audio. During his ‘Sound Technology’ program studies in Toronto Film School at the International Academy of Design & Technology campus, Markku started on his journey of utilizing the fundamentals of modern recording techniques to his benefit as an artist as well. Thus, as a solo artist Markku feels its important to maintain balance between honing technical skills and keeping those creative juices flowing to squeeze every last drop out and champion an idea. Since relocating to Taiwan from Finland, Markku is currently a card carrying member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES Taiwan Chapter).

As a producer, Markku has recorded for Tulipa Recordings under his PiP SquEEk moniker and worked with a wide range of artists on a variety of collaborations. Most notably, however, while still living in Toronto, Canada Markku founded the boutique record label Whose Haus in 2007 and the choon train is still rolling out the hits more than ten years on.

As a DJ / Live act, Markku Arimo is currently based out of Taichung, Taiwan and is a DJ/Producer at Chimera Entertainment in North District. In the club and festival circuit, Markku has been DJing for nearly two decades and has traveled from North America, to Europe, and most recently into Asia to play shows. To see the world through a record box is a childhood dream become real one continent, one country, and one city at a time. It is a real blessing to perform and share the gift of music with people from all walks of life. Music is after all an universal language connecting us across borders and states of mind.

During the formative years, doors began to open when Markku received steady DJ bookings at one of the ten biggest music festivals in Europe annually held in Finland called ‘Rauma Meren Juhannus’ aka RMJ. Performing DJ sets under his alter ego Mark Sense, Markku was a regular booking among a collective of local talent and international guests. There a united nation of artists were charged with keeping the Dance Factory stage dance floor movin’ and groovin’ rain or shine during summer solstice. Furthermore, these bookings were indeed brilliant and much needed ‘teeth cutting’ exposure for any young artist with stars in their eyes and suddenly being invited to play warm up sets for notable DJs and veteran performers who were key figures in cultivating Finland’s DJ culture and underground dance music scene (during the pioneering days when DJ culture in Finland was just getting started)…